art of Gabriel Temme

art of Gabriel Temme

The Boxtrolls

pictured are head mechanics for several characters. each head was duplicated for multiple puppets. the puppet sculpt was by Kent Melton. the mechanics were designed by myself.

also pictured are a few of the more exciting molds for some of the puppets. Fish, Shoe and Trout molds are shown.

head mecch. for female shop keeper, aristocrat.

silicone skin mold for Fish box.

head mech for one man band I and II

carbon fiber core mold for Shoe.

head mech. for female aristocrat

head mech for female aristocrat. three heads were produced in this style in collaboration with another puppet builder.

carbon fiber core mold for Fish box.

all the components of the trout molds.

Trout carbon fiber molds.

  • Role mold maker, puppet fabricator

  • For LAIKA

  • Type puppet making

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