Gabriel Temme

My name is Gabriel Temme. I have been working in the stop motion film industry for 12 years. My path in the film industry began as a puppet  fabricator at the well known Laika Studios near Portland, OR. I have worked on three Laika films – Paranorman, the Boxtrolls and Kubo and the Two Strings. Followed by a role as the Lead puppet fabricator for the pilot of The Shivering Truth, written by Vernon Chatman, co-directed/produced by Cat Solen. I went on to be Director of Practical Effects for the BAFTA nominated Moon and Me, created and written by the distinguished Andy Davenport. I followed that role as a Lead puppet fabricator on season 2 of The Shivering Truth and quickly moved on to be Head of Puppets for Henry Selick’s latest Directorial masterpiece, Wendell and Wild, a feature film under the production banners of Monkey Paw Productions and Netflix Animation. I am currently the co-owner of the puppet fabrication company, Standing Figure, in North Carolina and a part owner in a puppet series called The Spooky Girls

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