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mostly work from college days

This is an unlimited multiple of cast urethane foam heads. It's a portrait of Bob Ross. Happy foam. They can be found on for sale.

Here we have TV boy. Its made of a functional TV mounted on a plaster and steel body. The chain is really heavy and mounted to a wall. The weight of the chain balances the weight of the body so the whole thing is suspended and will gently rock if touched.

these are examples of two latex and foam combination pieces. The rubber chicken has a portrait of Larry Mcdowell, a friend of mine and studio mate for a while. the figure on the right is a casting project gone awry. it was so gruesome looking I kinda liked it. The upper right image is the figure in clay inside my bike basket. The lower right images is latex and urethane foam.

A wax figure of a quadruple amputee placed on a Styrofoam take out container.

mmmm... leftovers

This is part of an ongoing series of bronze objects. Some of the pieces are functional bottle openers, some are just nice things to put in in the kitchen junk drawer. This collage of images shows the work in the wax form.

I put a group of objects in the storage area of the Illingworth Kerr Gallery in Calgary Alberta. they consist of clay,wax and glass pieces.

This was a commission for a fine restaurant in Calgary. It was a simple concept, to reproduce an existing hydrant that sat in the entrance to the building and place the duplicates on the patio during the frigid winter months. I used a roto-casting machine to make hollow plastic versions which I painted. I think a few were pinched while the display was up.

These are latex pieces, part of an ongoing project. Each one is unique, the mold is destroyed in the process of making them. I then tag them with contact info and some cryptic quotes and leave them in a public space to be found. As of this posting I have not received word on their new homes in the world.

This is sort of a tryptich of sculptures. in some ways a narrative describing the world today. the first piece has guns and babies. The second piece is a little boy stabbing a big rat in the back as it stands over an ominous glass kitten. The third piece is another boy who seems to be holding up a skeletal network, or something like that.